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Unlimited Use vs Lease

What is the difference between purchasing Unlimited Use and Leasing an unlock code?

Unlimited Use Info

When you purchase Unlimited Use:

  • You pay a one-time fee for one unlock code (for one program).
  • You can create as many forms as you want.
  • There are no renewal fees.
  • There are no time restrictions.

Your license permits, at no additional cost:
You may make periodic Program Backup Copies (with your records).
      The backup copy does not require an unlock code.
      It can be used for a Re-Install or
      Copy to a New / Different Computer, if needed.

You may Network the software at one location (shared data).

    These functions are to be performed with the
    original program (Serial Number & Unlock Code).

Instructions are available from the web site's menu bar, at the top of the web page.

Lease Info

When you Lease:

  • The lease lets you use one program for 7 consecutive days.
    (examples: Friday through Thursday, Saturday through Friday)
  • The lease period starts on the day you input your unlock code.
  • The program is fully functional during the lease period.
  • Each program is priced separately.
  • You can create as many forms as you want during the lease period.
  • Lease Expiration: After 7 days, you lose access to the program and your records.
  • At any time, you may purchase another unlock code to
    renew your lease and gain access to the program and your records.
  • At any time you may also buy a permanent unlock code at full price. (no lease credit).
  • You can regain access to the program and your records by doing one of the following:
    • Renew your lease by purchasing a new unlock code at full lease price.
    • Buy a permanent unlock code at full price (no lease credit).
  • Each time you purchase or renew your lease, a different serial number is created,
    which requires a different unlock code.
  • Leasing is not available for all products.


Each program is purchased separately.

We reserve the right to change pricing and product availability without advance notice.